Photos, Old Speedway and a lot of Genetic Genealogy
Photos, Old Speedway and a lot of Genetic Genealogy


It’s easy to get side-tracked when doing Genetic Genealogy or perhaps just not knowing what do next. A lot of people don’t know what to do after clustering their matches for example.

I’ve created a simple list of the 3 steps you need to take (in order) to do Genetic Genealogy.

Each step is important but you should spend the majority of your research time on step 2. In fact you could just do step 2 and be done, but step 1 gives you a focus, and step 3 helps you pull all your research together. Step 3 may take the longest in tricky complex cases.

These 3 steps are a proven validated method to achieving success with Genetic Genealogy, whether you are confirming a tree, solving unknown parentage or other genealogical puzzles, or even doing investigative genetic genealogy.

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